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At Alpha Infant, children are accepted the same year the child becomes four(4) years of age. We are now registering students born in the year 2020, and will only take a few students born in the year 2019 (based on our school policy).

Application normally takes place in the month of February and is a three(3) step process. 

The following steps outline the registration process.

  1. By the end of January, you are asked to contact us for the commencing of the application/sensitization date. For this year application/sensitization will be ongoing... Please, just walk-in.

    Based on the availability of space please have all required documents as stated. This should be done as soon as possible. Thank you.


  2. On the day of application/sensitization, the child's birth certificate is checked to validate the year the child was born with the required year for application/sensitization, and two copies are kept with the application form. PLEASE TAKE TWO COPIES (Notarized by a Justice of the Peace, J.P.) ALONG WITH THE ORIGINAL ON APPLICATION/SENSITIZATION DAY!!

  3. A small contribution is required for security, material, and maintenance. After completing the application form, parents are further guided by the school to confirm their child's acceptance for application. NOTE: you are required to submit information for at least FIVE (5) emergency contacts (other than parents) who will represent on your behalf (Name, address, contact information will be required)If drivers (bus or taxi) are going to be acting on your behalf their information is also needed.

It should be noted that registering your child does not automatically qualify him/her for acceptance at the school.

Once your child has been accepted, the parents are asked to return on the date specified with the following documents for an interview with your child:

  1. A church letter or a church form from your Church/Sabbath or Sunday School as proof/validation that the child visits and/or attends the church be it once a year, twice a year, once per month, occasionally, regularly, and/or is an active member, attendant and participant in church activities. (This MUST carry the church's stamp or seal)

  2. If self-employed, recommendation for the parents from their employer/Justice of the Peace. This also applies even if unemployed.

  3. Child’s Health and Development Passport (fully immunized up to age) – original and copy.  Child’s Health and Development Passport (fully immunized up to age) – original and copy. (Please ensure the copy has the immunization page indicating all vaccination and the back cover bearing the passport identity number. Please affix the child’s name to same and the identity number page must be notarized by a JP) (The child should be fully immunized).

  4. Child’s Christening/Baptismal Certificate – original and a copy. If denomination does not practice same, a letter is compulsory for the student(s) and should be signed and church seal or stamp affixed.

  5. Three (3) recent passport size pictures of the child.

  6. Proof of Address - Any recent utility bill or government validated document (bank statement, RGD Document, Property Tax Receipt, etc). The name of the person registering the child should be on the bill or a letter certified by a Justice of the Peace validating proof of address.


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