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Principal's Message


Nicolette McDonnough Foster is an individual whose life has been shaped by the various educational institutions and some of Jamaica’s finest professionals, too numerous to be mentioned by name.

Being a member of the Jamaica Red Cross Society and with a strong Christian Faith endeavours as a teacher and Early Childhood advocate to promote that each child is a unique individual with a mind that if stimulated in the correct manner can achieve greatness.

I am driven by my philosophy that I was created for a purpose and therefore I am unique, special and have the ability to do and achieve anything because there is nothing too great for God, hence my profession as a teacher. Therefore part of my philosophy is adopted from the Bible,

Philippians Chapter 4 verse 13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."



The greatest assets of any country are the children they prepare for future governance of their society. The reality, whether we want to believe it or not, is that we are investing in our future as we grow old. The children’s’ lives we shape today will determine our future as a nation.

Therefore it is every stakeholder’s duty and responsibility to positively stimulate and educate our children, to protect them in their young and vulnerable state and to be positive role models as children learn best through observation and role playing. Therefore it is the responsibility of every well-thinking Jamaican to return to the days when we look after every child, not just our own biological ones. 

Practice discipline, respect for others, manners and a strong sense of self. Too often as a nation we rely on educational institutions to shape our children to be good citizens, but act in contradiction of the said institutions you expect to carry out its duties in creating positive well thinking Jamaicans. Our children learn what is dubbed as the “Hidden Curriculum” - that is, the way they truly see members of the society act. The reality is school is not the only place where a child grows and learns. They are being taught in the homes, the communities and on the nation’s streets. 



Therefore it is my charge to every well-thinking Jamaican to embark on this mission to safeguard our investment (our children). That is, to truly mentor our nation’s children, through positive examples of living, report all forms of abuse plaguing our children, sponsoring a child in need, teaching respect by showing the youths respect, spreading good manners and each day spend one minute to offer a prayer for the nations’ children. 


Never take for granted that children should know, as adults we should always lead by good example. 

Nicolette McDonnough Foster ©2019

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